Zoosk: Know Why You Should Stay Away from It

Zoosk: Know Why You Should Stay Away from It

With tons of options for the best hookup dating sites and mobile applications, it is not easy to decide which one to try, especially if you are a beginner. More often than not, it will be a case of trial and error. Some people who do not have the patience, on the other hand, resort into reading reviews they can find online. With this, our team has conducted an experiment with Zoosk, which is one of the dating mobile apps available today. We have seen a lot of mixed feedback about Zoosk, and we are here to make it easier for you to decide if it is going to be worth your time.


How Zoosk Works

Zoosk is one of the dating sites that you can access from your computer or from your mobile phone. The latter can be done through their mobile app, which makes it easy to be connected with someone. One of the unique characteristics of Zoosk is behavioral matchmaking, which means that your behaviors and preferences will be used in finding your perfect match. With millions of members, the site claims that it makes it easy for you to find a date. From the experiences of our group, on the other hand, we quite had difficulty in using the app and we did not find a lot of reasons to love it. We will let you know later why such is exactly the case.

Some of the Reasons To Love Zoosk

There are some good reasons why Zoosk will make a good choice for a dating app, but they are not enough to have it ranked as amongst the best hookup dating sites. Among other things, the design of Zoosk has caught our attention. The design is not only pleasing in terms of aesthetics, but it also makes it very easy to use.

Aside from the overall design of the website, its integration with Facebook can also be seen as a plus. Because of this, it is easier to connect with your own Facebook account. In the same way, you can also expect bugs to be fewer, which means you can have a seamless user experience every time you are using the app or the website to find a date.

Signing up at Zoosk is also a piece of cake. From our experience, unlike in the case of other options for best hookup dating sites, it is a breeze to be a member. There is no need for you to answer a long list of questions that will be used to find your perfect match. Within just a few minutes, your profile will be ready and you can start enjoying Zoosk.


The Things We Did Not Like

Unfortunately, the things that have been mentioned above will not be enough to have it ranked as amongst the best hookup dating sites. First and foremost, one of the things we noticed is that it is made for casual dating. It is for people who would like to meet new friends or those who are hoping to start serious relationships in such platform. If you are on the lookout for casual sex, this is not the best place to check. During the course of our experiment, most of the girls we messaged were not interested in one-night stands but just for casual dates.

Another drawback of the site is the limited membership. Prior to discovering Zoosk, our team has reviewed some of the best hookup dating sites and we were quite overwhelmed with the massive community of members. Regardless of where you are in the world, you are sure to find someone that is perfect for you. In the case of Zoosk, on the other hand, there are limited members. We came across the same profile several times, which only shows that they indeed have fewer members than other possibilities for the best hookup dating sites.

Zoosk also has coins, which can be used to enjoy a variety of perks. The bad thing is that you need to pay for your membership, depending on the plan that you believe is best for you. We have already paid to become a member and we do not find it sensible to still pay additional for coins, which can be used for different activities. With the coins, you will be able to appear on top of other members, receive a notification if your message has been read by the recipient, or even to buy gifts for other members. The coins can be used to buy flowers, pets, and other stuff that appears cute. This alone will give you an idea that most of the members are girls and not hot women you can hook up with.

Generally, we would not mind paying for membership in the best hookup dating sites if we are sure we can get what we want in the end. In the case of Zoosk, on the other hand, the fees appear to be excessive for us. The site is being marketed as free, but in reality, you need to pay or upgrade your membership before you can even send your first message. We did not like this deceiving advertising and perhaps another reason why we will not recommend it.

Lastly, we also did not like the name of the website. Some might think this is a petty reason, but we believe that the name is going to influence recall. It is too hard to pronounce. When you hear about it, there is nothing that can trigger your curiosity and hence, it will not fuel your desire to try it.

Should You Try It?

If you were to ask us, we’d say don’t try it at all. Look for the best hookup dating sites that will be worth your time and money. Zoosk is leaning more towards the business side and they are just concerned about earning money from their members rather than helping them to find someone. Our experiment reveals tons of unsatisfied members, which can already be indicative of what you can experience if you choose the site as well.

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