YouLike: Why We Think You Should Never Try It

YouLike: Why We Think You Should Never Try It

When looking for the best hookup dating sites, you will be confronted with tons of choices. For some, this can make them decide in haste, which means choosing a site without evaluating its pros and cons. For the best experience, and to be sure that you will be able to find someone to hook up with, make sure to pick the right one. In this case, we have experimented with several possibilities to help create a list of the best and the worst dating. One of the choices would be We searched feedbacks from its past users and we have seen mixed reactions from its users. From our experiment, on the other hand, we believe this is one website that you should avoid. We have seen a couple of glitches from the website.


Simple Layout and Design

One of the first things that you will notice about would be the simplicity of its layout, which is one of the reasons why it is asserted by most of its members to be user-friendly. The seamless design makes it look like Facebook, which will allow users to navigate with ease, and in the end, enjoy the site more. This is perhaps the only thing that we liked about, but this does not mean that we will rank it as amongst the best hookup dating sites. Even if it appears to be less complicated than the other choices you may find, we still found more reasons to hate the website than to love it.

Facebook Integration as a Downside

For some people, they like Facebook integration because it makes the process easier. Your Facebook profile is going to be used for signing up, which means that you no longer have to manually input information that is already provided in your Facebook account. This also means that your Facebook activities, including your interests and hobbies as indicated in your profile, can be used to find your match. In the case of, on the other hand, we believe that this is a huge disadvantage.

In looking for the best hookup dating sites, privacy is one of our most important concerns. Hooking up with someone is not something that you should advertise on your social network, especially if it includes your family. While emphasizes that they do not publicly display information on your wall without your authority, you can never be sure. In the past, we had several experiences wherein different things, some naughty in nature, which ended up being on our Facebook wall without our knowledge. We do not want to take the risk and, for this reason, being integrated with Facebook is a huge drawback for us.

Limited Features, Limited Experience, and Enjoyment

Another thing that we hated about is the limitations in terms of features. Through the site, you will be able to search for members, send messages, add the members you like to your favorites, and rate stuff. These are all the things that you can do. They do not offer an abundance of search features, which will help to narrow down your choices based on your interests. If you are bored at home and you would like to try the best hookup dating sites, we suggest that you do not try as you might just end up getting more bored.

A Community of Limited Members

In other best hookup dating sites that we have reviewed, we ended up being overwhelmed with their massive membership. Regardless of where you are, you will surely be able to find a partner. With, on the other hand, it is quite depressing that the members are very few. When we did a quick search of women who are aged 18 to 31 within our area in New York, the results only revealed 11 members. The worst part is that some of them do not even have their profile pictures. This is not the kind of site that we will recommend and we are sure this is not also the kind of dating site you will like. Maybe, it is better to just head out to a club where you will have more fun and where there is a higher likelihood of finding more women.

Lack of Feedback from its Members

We are forever grateful for the internet as it makes it easy for us to search for information. For instance, if there is a gadget we would like to buy, such as a new smartphone, we often resort into reading online reviews to learn from the experiences and insights of other people who have used the smartphone we are interested in purchasing. The same thing is true when looking for the best dating sites. The internet makes it easy to look for the opinions of other members, which can be used to weigh the pros and cons of each option you will be confronted with. If you type “ reviews” on your Google search bar, you will almost not find any information you can use to judge if the site is going to be worth your time or not. When we searched for it, we only saw one relevant result. This is another reason why you should be cautious about signing up for this site. Our group recommends that you look for other alternatives, specifically the more popular ones. This will increase the likelihood that you will have a good time finding a date in an online platform.

The Bottom Line is easy to use. Period. That’s it! There is nothing else good about it. If you are searching for the best hookup dating sites, do not even bother checking this out. Well, if you would like to verify the results of our experiment, you can sign up and see why we did not enjoy using it. Having a small community of users and having limited features are perhaps two of the most critical reasons why we are giving it a low ranking and why we are concluding that its use will be nothing but a waste of time.

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