Safety: Your Top Priority in Online Dating Sites

Unfortunately, we have heard a lot of stories in the past wherein their online dating experiences did not turn out to be as successful as they have anticipated. Some ended up being victims of criminal acts, including identity theft. In order to prevent these unfortunate incidents from happening, our hookup strategy guide identifies some of the things that you should do, such as not disclosing personal information and choosing a public place when you are about to meet each other. We also recommend that you play the part of a detective and thoroughly investigate the other person to be guaranteed of your safety.

While online dating can be a lot of fun and promising in terms of putting spice to your boring sex life, it has been a subject of criticisms in the past because of safety issues. It is not uncommon to hear stories about people being robbed and even being killed because of online dating. Of course, no one wants these things to happen. Nonetheless, it is a sad reality of life that there are people who join these sites without having clean intentions. With such, this hookup strategy guide will provide you with some insights that you can use to have fun while staying safe as you explore different hookup dating websites.

Discretion is the Key

In this hookup strategy guide, one of our suggestions is to be as discreet as possible. If you are on an online dating site made for adults wherein the intention is to find someone for casual sex, it is a common practice to not reveal one’s real name, and especially address. This is done to protect yourself from being exposed, especially if people you know are not aware that you are using these sites. Be careful about the information that you share, both in your profile and in your chats. You should only disclose personal information once you are already confident that the other person will not cause you harm in any way.

Keep Your Financial Details Private

Financial concerns are common amongst people who are using online dating websites. With such, we suggest in this hookup strategy guide that you never give anyone your credit card details and other financial-related information as it can be used without your authority. In addition, before using any website, make sure to read their terms and conditions. See to it that they have a secured network for processing payments for memberships that you will settle through the use of your credit card. Use only the websites with a solid reputation to be confident that your financial information will not be used in any way beyond your knowledge.

Play the Part of a Detective

Detectives are known for being inquisitive. They know how to ask questions and most importantly, they know the right questions to ask. With this, you should test the consistency of the person you meet on the site. Ask them one question randomly and then later ask them the same question again and see if they are going to have a similar response. Take the time to take a look at their profile and look at the things they are interested in. Later on, while having a chat with the same person, ask him or her about the things he or she likes and see if it is coherent with what is stated in the profile.

Choose a Safe Place to Meet-up

Once you have found a match in an online dating site and after a few exchanges of messages, you will soon agree to finally meet each other. In the case of websites that are designed specifically for casual sex, this might mean going straight to a hotel or wherever you two can finally have a steamy encounter. Nonetheless, if you are in doubt, it would be better to first meet in a public establishment, such as in a café and a restaurant. From there, talk to each other first and pay attention to how consistent is the person within disclosing details in person compared to the details you have shared with each other while chatting. Once you are feeling comfortable, this is the only time that you should go to a more intimate place where you can finally do what you both wanted.

Stay Sober

When it is already the time that you meet up each other in person, it is good to stay sober and avoid being in a club or anywhere there are drinks involved. More often than not, alcohol will make you have bad judgment and it will make you lose control of your actions. We have heard a lot of stories in the past wherein women were taken advantage because of being drunk. Ticking off the drinks from your checklist during the meet-up does not mean that the excitement is also lost. It is just one way of staying safe while having fun as well. If ever you drink with your date, this hookup strategy guide suggests that you drink in moderation. Make sure that you know how much you can handle. Always keep an eye on your drink as well. Just like in the movies, being drugged from your drinks can also happen in real life, especially if you do not pay attention to what you are drinking.

Trust your Instinct

More often than not, if you have a hunch, it is most probably correct. If the person sends off a negative vibe or if you had a feeling that the person will harm you in one way or another, do not proceed. Some of the red flags that you should watch out for include inconsistencies in your exchange of messages, harassing you, asking for favors, regardless of how petty they can be, and having pictures that do not match how they describe themselves. More often than not, from the first few messages you exchange with each other, it will already be possible to have an intelligent guess if the person is safe or not. With such, this hookup strategy guide suggests that do not be ignorant and do not be a victim of not trusting your intuition.

Use Only Trusted Websites

While there will be an abundance of choices for the best adult hookup dating sites, this does not mean that they are all the same in terms of the experience that they can offer. Be vigilant enough and read reviews from other users or ask around from people you know if there are specific websites that they can recommend If the website seems too good to be true or if it is asking too much for paid memberships, you have a good reason to be in doubt.

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