Preparing To Meet Your Date Online Personally For The First Time

There are a lot of reasons why we love online dating. It gives us time away from work and the possibility of adding flavor to our boring life. It also makes us anticipate something that is bound to happen, although we generally feel nervous about it. In this case, we are talking about finally meeting each other for the first time after lengthy chats and exchange of witty messages, which, as others would prefer, is called cyber-flirting. In this hookup strategy guide, we will provide you with some tips on what you should do before you meet with each other personally after you meet in an online dating platform.

 Safety Should Come First

One of the most important things that we would like to emphasize in this hookup strategy guide is the importance of keeping your safety at the top of your priorities. First and foremost, especially with women, you should meet up only when you are already at a point wherein you are comfortable with the other person. Get to know each other first and make sure you will not fall victim to an online dating trap. As part of your safety, it is also critical to choose the place where you should meet. Keep it as public as possible.

Tell Someone About Your Date

This is suggested in this hookup strategy guide as a way of being safe, especially for women. If you are too embarrassed to let your family know that you are dating someone you meet online, you can tell it to your best friend instead. Make sure to let your friend know when and where you will meet and even who you will be dating. In this case, if anything bad happens, which is the least everybody wants, someone knows where you are or who you are with. In the same way, always have an update about your whereabouts.

Plan the Place Where You Should Meet

While safety is a primary consideration when choosing a meeting place for the first date, there are other considerations as well. Think about each other’s interests. Gents, it is better if you will take charge. Take a look at the profile of the woman you intend to bring out on a date. If she is into food, bring her to a nice restaurant or perhaps ask her about her favorite place. If she has an active personality, take her to the outdoors and do athletic activities. If she is the laid back type, bring her to the beach. At the end of the day, we suggest that you try to talk to each other and reach a consensus.

How To Greet Each Other

This is probably one of the most intense few seconds of your meet up since this is the first time you will be beside each other physically. If you have been talking online for a long time already, a hug is the best way to greet your date. On the other hand, if you have just exchanged a few messages and decided to meet each other immediately, a handshake can prove to be appropriate. You can also simply let out a smile and greet each other with hello. Even if you meet each other on a hookup site meant for casual sex, this hookup strategy guide does not suggest being aggressive. Learn to be patient. Soon enough, you will get to the middle of the action.

Keep It Short

While most people would think that the first meeting should be spent eating a five-course dinner, followed by a movie, and finally finishing it up with drinks, this may not actually be the best idea. It may appear to be boring and can also lead to awkwardness. With such, this hookup strategy guide suggests that the first meeting should be short. It could be a coffee date or a few rounds of drinks. According to dating experts, the first date should be seen as an audition. It is all about being able to establish rapport. After the first date, once you realize that you are good being together, it is about time to go out on longer dates.

Be Physically Prepared

For a long time, you have been chatting with each other online, but you have not seen each other personally. While there are pictures and you might have already had a video chat, it still does not give the other person an accurate picture of how you look like. For your first date, make sure to be physically prepared. Gents, make sure to shave and appear like a true gentleman. Ladies, look at your best and be prepared to amaze your date. Nonetheless, do not overdo it. Wear a nice perfume and, of course, always be ready to get laid. The latter is specifically true for someone you meet in an adult hookup dating website. In the case of the latter, members meet with strangers, not to get to know them better, but to have casual sex. Wear a nice underwear, if we may suggest!

Ending the Date

It is also important to pay attention to the way by which on how you end your date. If you had a good time, be honest and tell each other about it. This is especially true if you are a guy. Women will be flattered if they know that someone is enjoying their company. Even if you did not enjoy the date or if it is filled with awkwardness, just say thank you and do not be rude by being straightforward about how lame it was.

In sum, while the first meeting can be nervous-filled, it is important to be not overshadowed by stress. Instead, simply have fun and everything else will come out naturally. Do not try to be pretentious as this can send a negative impression to the other person. Keep your expectations low to avoid being frustrated. You should also have an open mind and be spontaneous as it adds up to the thrill of being with each other for the first time.

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