Picking the Perfect Username for Online Dating Sites

While the use of online dating sites can help you find someone to go out on a date or have sex with, the end result is not always guaranteed. More often than not, there are things that you should do on your part to have someone interested in you. Amongst others, one of the most important would be your choice of username. Members will see your username first even before they read your profile or send the first message. With this, if your username seems boring, you might not catch their attention. On the other hand, if your username is interesting, it will be easy for you to get noticed in an online dating platform.

Show Your Personality

To make your username more interesting, it is a good idea to incorporate something that tells about your personality, such as your interests or hobbies. Through this, other members can already have an idea about the things you are into just by a look at your username. For instance, if you are into photography, you can pick a name like “shutter_bug85”. In this username, the two last numbers can correspond to the year you were born. If you love tennis, a name like “Joe_TennisPro” can be a good choice. Joe is your nickname and tennis pro immediately send out a message that you play tennis. It is also a good thing that it is full of confidence since you use the word pro in your username.

Avoid Negative Emotions

Some of the examples of usernames with negative emotions include Depressed_Dave and LonelyLiza. Generally speaking, when people see names like these in online dating sites, their immediate reaction is avoidance. This is basically because they do not want to deal with anyone who is emotionally vulnerable as it can be such a hassle. Their emotions can get in the way and could mean having a negative dating experience as well.

Avoid Complications

Do not use words that are hard to spell, read, and understand. Forget about using the dictionary to pick a username that seems intelligent. It is critical to keep it simple, but make sure to attract attention. Being simple does not mean being lame. Part of being simple is being short, which also makes it easy to remember your username.

List at Least Three Choices

It is also important to create a list of at least three usernames. Write it down so that you will remember. In most cases, you can list even up to ten or more. Once you have created the list, carefully deliberate how one is better than the others. Put yourself in the shoes of other members. Would you be interested in messaging someone with such username? Does the username rouse interest or does it force you to skip the profile and proceed to the next possible option? You can even consider asking for help from your friends if they have suggestions or anyone you know who has been doing online dating for quite some time already.

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