Online Hookup Etiquette: Doing It Right

Even in one-night stands, there are certain unwritten rules of etiquette that should be followed. While no one would tell exactly how you should act, it pays to at least follow some of the most common rules when hooking up. By doing so, you will have a higher likelihood of getting laid. Take note, however, that the rules of etiquette should be observed from the first time that a message is sent to the other person until you part ways after having casual sex.

Respect the Right to Privacy

Adult hookup sites are different from Facebook. The major difference is that you join hookup sites with discretion. You do not announce to your family and friends that you are in an online platform wherein your goal is to find a stranger to have sex with. Therefore, if you see someone from the site that you know, just pretend that you have not seen him or her. In addition, it is also generally considered rude to ask for personal details, such as real name, address, and even occupation. Discretion is done not only for privacy, but also for safety reasons.

Learn How to Accept Rejection

Upon signing up as a member of hookup dating sites, you are definitely excited about finally getting laid. Nonetheless, it is a sad reality of life that not all people you invite to hook up with you will give you the green light. There are some who will decline your invitation not because they do not want to have sex, but simply because they are not interested in you. When such happens, do not force or threaten the person in any way. Instead, explore other possibilities. After all, as long as you are a member of legitimate and reputable hookup sites, there will be millions of members, which will provide you with limitless choices.

Do Not Ask For Anything More Than Sex

It is also important to keep in mind that adult hookup sites are meant for one thing – casual sex. Meaning, its goal is to connect two strangers who are interested in having steamy encounters and not talking to each other again in the future. Its biggest selling point is that you can have sex with no strings attached. Therefore, never ever ask someone for more than sex. If you are looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend, there are casual dating sites you can check out. Just stay away from hookup sites. Therefore, the rule is that you should not get attached.

Reach a Consensus

This deals with the need to talk to each other about where and when you will meet up. You cannot be a douche and simply say that you should meet up in an hour after you have sent your first message. In most cases, it takes an exchange of a couple of messages first before finally meeting each other. Some would wait for the time until they are fully comfortable with each other. Again, there is no universal rule here. The important thing is that there is a mutual decision when the time comes you will finally meet.

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