Marriage in the 21stCentury: Is Online Dating the New Trend?

In the past years, more and more online dating sites have been introduced, each with the promise of being the best. Given the fact that humans are inquisitive by nature, there is no wonder why a lot have been triggered by their curiosity to give these websites a shot, even if some of them required paid membership. Some people liked it, while some simply swore to never try it again. Surprisingly, there are even some who ended up finding a partner to marry in these dating sites. Yes folks, welcome to the modern era where marriages can be possible because of online technology!

Couples Who Meet Online Are Believed To Be Happier

Indeed, online dating sites will not only help you to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, but also a husband or wife. This can be proven by the increasing number of marriages that started out from online encounters. In addition, several studies conducted in the past have concluded that online dating has lead into higher satisfaction in marriages and lower rates of divorce. In the said study, there are almost 20,000 respondents. From the group, 35% of them have met the person they marry online. The research is surely an obvious indicator that online dating is the trend and will continue to be the trend given the rise of internet technologies. Anyone who is still unwelcoming of relationship born from the web must have been living in a cave and still unaware of how the society has significantly changed in recent years.

Why Find a Partner Online

Convenience is perhaps one of the most significant reasons why people consider online dating sites when looking for a potential partner. You no longer need to hang out in clubs or socialize with a crowd if you are looking for someone to be in a relationship with. All you need is a membership in a dating site and you will be confronted with millions of alternatives. People also liked the fact that it makes it easier to choose someone since you can filter results based on different criteria. It is also a lot cheaper than bringing someone out in consecutive dates only to find out you are not compatible with each other.

Not All Dating Sites Are Made for Relationships

For the single gents and ladies out there who are not interested in marriage or starting a relationship, this does not mean that you should no longer try dating sites. The good news is that there are some adult dating sites that are made specifically for one thing – casual sex. Meaning, you can get in touch with members, ask them to hook up with you, do the deed, and never talk to each other again. Its biggest selling point is the fact that you can have sex with no strings attached. You are in no way obliged to see each other again in the future. Because we are living in the 21stcentury, using the online community as a platform to find sex without getting through the trouble of being in a relationship is a trend well-accepted by many liberals.

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