Grouper: The Good and Mostly the Bad about this Dating App

Grouper: The Good and Mostly the Bad about this Dating App

In the past years, social networking has taken the internet community by storm. The likes of Facebook and other social network platforms have made it easy for you to connect with your friends, and even with people you do not know but you are interested in getting to know. There are also several dating apps that have capitalized on the popularity of social networking, and one of the perfect examples of such is Grouper. Does the latter make a good choice for the best hookup dating sites? Our group has made it the subject of our experiment to help you weigh the pros and cons. At the end of our study, however, our conclusion was there are more things to hate than to love it.


How It Works

Grouper has taken an innovative approach to finding people who can be your perfect match. It allows you to meet a group of people and end up having a group date. First, you will have to sign up through Facebook. From here, you will be selected a match from the list of the friends of your friends. In the end, there will be six people within a group and you will have to go on a date. The whole process may be simple, but such should not give you enough reason to quickly have it listed as one of the best hookup dating sites.


What We Liked About Grouper

Amongst other things, in our experiment, we liked Grouper because of the simplicity of how the entire process works. Once you have signed up, the app will do the work for you by picking up someone from your network of Facebook friends. This means that there will be less hassle on your part as the app is intelligent enough to work on its own to find a list of people who will be with you on a group date. Unlike other options often ranked as the best hookup dating sites, you do not have to waste a lot of time picking your matches or specifying your criteria for someone to be with on a date.

You might also like the fact that Grouper is selective in terms of membership. The members are carefully screened, which will provide you with the confidence that it is indeed safer than other sites with millions of unverified members who can just sign up and start looking for a date at any given time.

Grouper also comes in the form of a mobile app. This means that you can have it accessed with just a single click from your smartphone. It is now available for both Apple and Android devices. You no longer have to open your browser just to start using Grouper.

What We Did Not Like About Grouper

Grouper is kind of a double-edged sword wherein most of its benefits can also be its drawbacks. Because of this, it may not be a wise choice for the best hookup dating sites. For instance, we have mentioned that it is beneficial because it does all the work for you by using your Facebook friends as the starting point for finding a perfect match. This can be a disadvantage as well because it means that you will not have the freedom to choose the specific characteristics you are looking for in a date. You have very limited freedom in identifying the people who will be on a group date with you.

Earlier, we have also mentioned that it is a good thing that Grouper is selective in its membership. In one way, this can be a good point. In the same way, however, this is another reason why we think it is not worthy of being ranked as amongst the best hookup dating sites. You will have to wait for up to two weeks before you application gets approved. Do you have the luxury of time to wait that long just to go on a group date? For us, this is not a good thing as we are interested in finding a partner really quick. We do not have the patience to deal with such a lengthy timeframe.

Another downside of Grouper is its limited availability. This is not for everyone as the service is currently limited to New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Seattle, Miami, San Francisco, Washington DC, Dallas, Austin, and Toronto. Regardless of how curious and itchy you are to give it a shot, you will not be able to see how it can be good if you are not from the areas earlier mentioned.

From our experience, there is awkwardness in meeting people who have been set up by Grouper for you to go out on a date with. Because you are a group of six people and you have a common friend, we are often hesitant to open up to conversations, especially on the topic that are quite on the naughty side. We would rather go on a one-on-one date with someone we do not know and we are not connected in any way that to be with a date with a group. Nonetheless, others may have varying perspectives on this.

The cost of going out on a date through Grouper can also be too expensive for some. For the whole group, you have to pay $51 for one date. As the one who have initiated the group, you have the option to pay the whole amount or to ask the other person to pay individually. Either way, this is still expensive as it is only good for one round of date.

Our Recommendation

After having a careful look at some of the best hookup dating sites, with certainty, we can say that Grouper does not make a good choice. This is especially true if you are looking for someone to have sex with. The site is built to meet someone on a friendly date rather than the hopes of having a steamy sexual encounter with the person who will be matched to you. If you are for one-night stands, we suggest that you take a look at websites catering specifically to your sexual desires.

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