Getting Laid on Your First Date: How It Can Be Possible

For sure, most guys would agree with me that the desire to have sex on the first date is one thing that is common. Secretly, in one way or another, you wished that the first date will not be only about having dinner and movie, but will make you end up getting laid. If you have joined adult hookup sites, getting casual sex is probably going to happen in the first meeting as that is your very intention in the first place. On the other hand, if you have used casual dating sites wherein there is no explicit declaration that you are guaranteed to find a partner for casual sex, follow some of the tips provided below to help you end your first date with a bang, literally and figuratively!

Logistics is Key

One of the first things that should be given emphasis would be logistical concerns. By now, you are most probably wondering what does this mean. Simply put, logistics is all about choosing where you plan to go on a date and how to get there. Ideally, your first date should be at nighttime, preferably 7pm onwards. Also, do not take her to a movie or dinner date. This is going to eat up a lot of time and will make you no different from tons of other guys. Take her to a café instead. Having coffee will make the pressure lesser and will also give a lighter mood.

The good thing about what has been suggested above is that it is not too tiring. Going on a day hike can exhaust her energy, so as going to a bar and having a few rounds of drinks. If you think alcohol may help to get laid, it may not actually do as expected. Make sure as well that the place you pick is near your place so you can easily make your way to your room when things fall into place.

Look for Signs

How many times have you asked a girl on your first date to go home with you and how many times have you been rejected? To avoid frustration, make sure that you watch out for signs. For instance, try to be a bit touchy, but without appearing like a pervert. If she seems to be welcoming and if she enjoys it, such can be a good indication that you can take her home. Look at the way she looks into your eyes as well, as it could send a message that she can no longer wait to be in the same bed with you.

Act Quickly

We are living in a time wherein everything happens fast, and that includes getting her to have sex with you. Once you have finally convinced her to visit your place, ten minutes is such a long time before you make the first move. The mere fact that she agreed to go to your place is already a validation that she is into it. Do not waste the precious moment once you already got hold of it. Do not wait for her to get bored and leave.

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