FindYourFaceMate: A Complete Waste of Time

FindYourFaceMate: A Complete Waste of Time

According to Christina Bloom, the founder of, the similarity in the way you look like will be a good indicator of compatibility. This is the main premise on why she created the website, which makes it possible for you to be matched with other users on the basis of your similarities in terms of facial features. This means that you will be matched with someone who might just look like your identical twin, or maybe like your younger sister. We did not like the idea, in the same way that we have not pictured out going on a date with someone from our bloodline! During our group’s experiment on the best hookup dating sites, we have ranked this as one of the poorest-performing choices you will ever be confronted with.


Find Your Match Without Paying A Single Cent

The biggest benefit of using is the fact that you will be able to find your match for free. In the case of best hookup dating sites, we have reviewed during the course of our quest towards identifying which ones are the best, most of them requires paid memberships. Since this one is for free, we decided to give it a try. First, we were asked about the gender of the person we are looking for, the age range, and location proximity. After which, the site has an automatic matching algorithm that will allow you to be paired with someone who looks like you. All of these things can be done for free. Our group was elated at first. Nonetheless, through the days, we realized that being free does not make one qualified to be dubbed as being one of the best hookup dating sites. is a perfect example that you should not mind paying if it tantamount to the promise of a better experience.


The Technology Used Lacks Proof uses facial recognition technology, which is supposedly going to help them find the person who is a perfect match for you. There is no proof that this technology will work, and hence, even if you do not waste your money, you will most probably be wasting your time. It is very easy for people to upload fake pictures, and such alone makes the site less credible. In addition, with the advent of photo editing tools made available as mobile apps, it is very easy to alter one’s facial features, and hence, this can have an impact on the matching algorithm that is used by

Very Limited Membership Means Fewer Matches

Having millions of members is one thing that is important in the best hookup dating sites as this means it will be almost impossible for you not to find someone., meanwhile, has built a reputation for having a very small community of members, which we again think is one of its most significant drawbacks. There are just about 50,000 members of the site and hence, the chance of being able to find someone who looks like you will be slim to none, especially because of the location parameters that should be specified prior to conducting the search. In most instances, we ended up with frustration and with the promise that we will never try the site again. In fact, no one from our group was able to find a match during our experiment.

Limited Searches per Day

This is another thing that we hated about While the website is free, they will only allow you to find 25 matches in a day, which means that the possibility of finding a partner is truly vague. For anyone who would like to be experimental and who would like to have a diverse selection of choices, may not be a good choice. It would be better if you can check out the best hookup dating sites we have recommended as they will allow you to perform unlimited searches per day.

The Possibility of Being Matched with a Family Member

This is one of the scenarios that we are sure any member would truly dread. Nonetheless, this is a possibility that may happen because of the flawed architecture by how the site works. If it indeed matches users on the basis of the similarity of their facial features, there is a very high probability that you will be matched with your siblings, or even your parents, provided that they are members of the site. This is truly gross and no one wants such to happen!

Other Complaints From Its Users

Aside from those that have been mentioned above, there are also other complaints about For instance, there are some members who have complained about having to upload multiple photos before finally being able to find one that has been approved by the site. You cannot upload just any photo since your facial features should be visible enough to help them find your match. In addition, there are also users who have complained about poor customer service. There is no one immediately available to provide you with assistance when it is needed. Well, this can be attributed to the fact that the site is free, which is why they do not even bother in investing resources to deliver nothing but the best user experience. The entire process of finding your match through your picture can also take some time. In the end, the worst part is that there are instances wherein you will be notified that no match has been found.

Our Recommendation

There is only one thing that we can suggest – do not try Our experiment and the experiences of many others have revealed many of the flaws of this website, which makes it an option you will definitely regret.  Regardless of which angle you look at it, there is just no way how can be classified as amongst the best hookup dating sites. Do not be lured by the promise of being free as this site is nothing but a waste of our precious time.

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