Dirty Talking: How To Trigger Sexual Tension in Online Dating

There is one reason why you choose adult hookup dating sites and not just any ordinary casual dating site – you want to have sex with a stranger. However, regardless of how reputable one website can prove to be, it is not as easy as A-B-C or 1-2-3. More often than not, you will have to first exchange a few messages, which can be flirty and naughty, depending on how you set the mood. Through these messages, you will find it easier to decide if you two can have a good time in bed and have a steamy encounter. However, since it all starts with chatting, this hookup strategy guide will provide you with tips on how you can talk dirty in your exchange of messages. As long as you know the borderline between being a pervert and arousing her interests, there is a strong chance of succeeding.

Talk About Your First

Ok, do not act stupid or ignorant! We do not mean the first time you have joined adult dating websites. We mean the first time you had sex, such as how young was she, with whom, or how she felt, among others. Some people are uncomfortable talking about this with their friends and they are more open about talking about it with strangers, especially the guys who believe they will soon be hooking up with. For sure, most of you could relate when I say there is really something special about your first time and it is hard to forget about it. In one way or another, it is always going to send a feeling of sexual excitement.

Talk about your Fantasies

Sex while on a long train trip? Sex in the kitchen? Sex on the beach? Whether it is with men or women, talking about sex fantasies can heat up the conversation. It is perhaps one way of uncovering what you two will be doing when you see each other. Naturally, your goal is to fulfill her fantasies and make her swear that it was the best time of her life. Well, at least from the point of her sex life. In this hookup strategy guide, we suggest that you ask her first about what she fantasizes about rather than just talking about yours from out of nowhere.

Try Role Playing

Aside from talking about your fantasies, role playing is also a good way to talk dirty while chatting online. This may seem awkward at first, especially with the roles you will assume. First, begin by talking about her fantasies. If you already have an idea of what she envisions, you can now start role playing. This may be a bit hard when done through chat, but at least, she can feel that you are trying hard to satisfy her sexual desires.

Ask Her About What She Is Wearing

The casual “hello” in your instant messaging can eventually get boring. Talking about what transpired the entire day can also be dragging and soon enough, she might lose interest. To spice things up, one thing that you can do is to ask her about what she is wearing. If she says she is wearing lingerie, even if you do not see it, compliment her by saying you are sure it looks good on her. If she says she is wearing her pajamas and she just woke up from bed, let her know that she is still sexy even if she is fully clothed. If you have been chatting for a long time and you are already comfortable getting naughty with each other, this hookup strategy guide suggests that you take the game a notch higher. For instance, for girls, if you ask a guy about what he is wearing and if he said he is in his pants, tell him that you bet he looks sexier without his pants on. This will surely make him sexually excited!

Show, Don’t Tell

During the first few days, chat can still be exciting. After weeks of talking to the same person, however, it can look lame. With this, our hookup strategy guide recommends that you put your webcam into use. We are not saying that you strip off and put on a good show, although you can do so if preferred. With the webcam, you can see each other’s face and the eyes alone can speak a thousand words. Some people are naturally gifted and they can flirt with just the use of their eyes. Stare at her and look sexy. If she gives in, it will not take long before she invites you to her place or to meet up somewhere else.

Ask Her If She Wants A Kiss

Do you want a kiss? While this question may seem simple, believe us, this can do a lot to make her feel aroused. Almost all women love kissing because of its intimacy. It shows them that a guy is not just interested in getting straight to what they really intend to do. You must be willing to take your time, and in sex, more often than not, this involves kissing as part of the prelude. This hookup strategy guide suggests that you ask her such question and if she said yes, ask her if she wants something more than just a kiss. From this point, she will surely get more sexually excited.

The things that have been mentioned in this hookup strategy guide are just examples we believe will work most of the time. Nonetheless, it is important to keep in mind that not all women are the same. More often than not, you need to spend time in getting to know them to learn about what tickles their pickle. At the end of the day, the more important thing to do is not just to talk dirty but to be consistent. This will let the other person know your interest. Just be patient and soon enough, you will find yourselves beside each other having a steamy casual encounter.

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