Creating an Online Dating Profile that Rocks

In the past years, more and more people have been a fan of online dating because it makes it easy for them to find someone to have a date with, or in some instances, a potential partner for casual sex. Nonetheless, while an online dating platform can be helpful in hooking you up with someone, the level of success will vary. It may depend on the site you are using, and more importantly, it will depend on your profile. In this case, keep on reading this hookup strategy guide and you will learn how to create a dating profile that rocks. If your profile sucks, no one would be interested in going out with you. Stand out and make sure your profile will rouse the curiosity of other members and will make them interested in meeting you.

Picking The Photos To Upload

In this hookup strategy guide, one of our most important suggestions is for you to have a photo in your profile. Isn’t it annoying to find a profile from an adult dating website without a photo? How in the hell are you going to decide if you like the person or not? No one’s got time to have lengthy chats when you are just interested in one night stands! We recommend that you upload a minimum of three photos. One of your photos must be a clear headshot of yourself, but not like the ones you see in your passport. Another photo should be a full body shot and another one must be able to show your hobbies or interests, such as a photo while playing your favorite sport or in your favorite hangout place. It will also be good if you can change your profile photo every now and then, at least once a week. This will help other members be assured that your profile is not fake.

Consistency is also important in the photos that you are uploading. If your profile says that you are a foodie, your photos must be able to speak for themselves. If you say that you are a traveler or that you have an active lifestyle, make sure that they are supported by photos as well. Through this, the other members can be confident that you are indeed being truthful in your pictures.

Even if you are on an adult dating website where everyone is just there for sex, it does not mean that you can upload pics of your dick! Do not be such a dick! For women, this also does not mean that they can post topless photos. Remember, the website is publicly accessible, and hence, the pictures you upload can be used against you. Our hookup strategy guide suggests that you refrain from obscenity in your profile. Consider this not just as self-respect, but also as a part of being safe in the online community. It is always good to have an air of mystery by not showing off everything you got with your photos.

In choosing which photos to upload, you should be also cautious about the emotions that you are depicting. Several scientific studies in the past have found a correlation between profile pictures and how people find you interesting. If you are smiling broadly in your picture, it can be indicative of having a happy and positive personality. If your head is tilted up, it can be indicative of pride. On the other hand, if it is tilted down, it can be indicative of shame. Make sure to choose the proper pose. We suggest that you focus on posting pics wherein you are smiling as this can be more welcoming.

Going Beyond the Pictures

While the pictures will indeed be the most important part of your profile, this does not mean that it is all that matters. Your profile should be 80% about you, including the things that you like and those that you hate. If you are on a dating website specifically made for one-night stands or hookups, you can talk about your fetishes and your sexual fantasies. Nonetheless, do not treat your profile as an autobiography. No one, for sure, is interested in knowing your entire life, which means from the day you were born until the time you discovered how online dating can spice up your boring life. Focus on the information that will make you more interesting in the eyes of the other members.

This hookup strategy guide also suggests that you carefully pick the username that you will use. Do not be stupid enough to use your full and real name, unless you really want the world to know that you are hooking up with random strangers. You can use an adjective and have it connected to your name. Your username can also speak about your interests or your hobbies. Do not make it complicated. In the same way, make sure that it is unique. Like your profile pictures, the curiosity of other members can be incited if you have an exciting username.
Just like in poetry, your profile must be able to show and not tell. For instance, if you would like to say that you are a spontaneous and on-the-go person, try to write about an instance wherein you can show that you have such personality. If you are a joker or if you are filled with a sense of humor, this must be reflected as well in your profile description by showing them that you are indeed funny. Your profile pictures can also be the perfect medium to show this.

In sum, there is no magic formula in creating the perfect profile. Nonetheless, the recommendations that have been mentioned in this hookup strategy guide will surely be helpful in ways more than one. Having a carefully crafted profile will increase the likelihood of getting messages or invites from other members simply because they found you interesting. Remember, the profile is your only shot towards creating a favorable impression. It speaks about who you are, which is why creating such should be given careful thought – from the photos that you upload to the little things that you say about yourself.

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