Why This Is A Not-So-Beautiful Site for Adult Dating Why This Is A Not-So-Beautiful Site for Adult Dating

Why This Is A Not-So-Beautiful Site for Adult Dating

For adults who are interested in the best hookup dating sites, is one of the options that can be taken into consideration. Unfortunately, based on our experiment, this is not one of the options that we will recommend. It is hard to find a reason to love this site, especially as it is quite discriminating (you will know why later). When it was launched in 2008, it has generated a lot of buzz, basically because the competitive landscape was quite lax. Through the years, more and more options became available, and with this, began losing its appeal.


How It Works

Before you can be a member of, you will be the subject of bullying and discrimination of the members who believe that they are beautiful after being admitted to the site. First, you will have to upload a picture. Once it is uploaded, the registered members will vote for a period of 48 hours. If the members say that you are beautiful, you will become part of their community. This can uplift your confidence because others believe in your physical beauty. On the other hand, if the majority of the members voted that you are not beautiful, you will not be allowed to join. This is the part wherein discrimination enters the picture. While beauty is subjective, the site has a specific way of making you feel depressed as it frankly tells you that you are ugly and hence, you should be looking for other choices for the best hookup dating sites.


The Different Things That You Can Do At

Once you are a member, aside from being able to vote to help decide who will be able to join the group, there are other things that you can do. For instance, you can create your own network of friends by simply adding the ones you find interesting. There is also a live chat feature wherein you can talk to other members in real time. This is the opportunity for you to ask the other person to go out and to hook up with you. It also comes with its own mobile application, which makes it easy to have the site accessed even if you are out of home. You can upload private pictures, which can be viewed only by users you have authorized to have access to such.

Is A Community of Bullies

This is perhaps one of the reasons why I believe this site should never be ranked as amongst the best hookup dating sites. If you are ugly, you will not be given the chance to participate. From the very first step of the process, wherein members get the chance to vote, you will already feel so down. I personally believe that beauty is subjective. It might be a cliché, but beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Even if you are not physically appealing or if you do not have the characteristics people would classify as beautiful, this does not mean that you have no more right to find a stranger who will be willing to hook up with you. Some people look at the personality and character of a person and not just the outside beauty. When I have tried this website, I have seen some beautiful members, but I lost nearest because I believe that they have taken part of a community of bullies. Good thing I just signed up for an experiment. I don’t want to make them feel bad by saying they are ugly.

It is wrong to describe the members of as people who are physically attractive. Although it may hurt some members, I believe that they are amongst the most shallow and judgmental people you will ever see online. Even if we are willing to find partners for casual sex, the main premise of this website is simply intolerable. I have met a lot of girls in the past who are not beautiful if you look at their facial features. Nonetheless, if you get to know them, they seem very interesting. At times, their character and their sense of humor, not just their physical attributes, can give you more reasons to get to know them.

Are The Members Uploading Their Real Pictures?

This is one question that we are repeatedly asking ourselves during our experiment on the best hookup dating sites. It is very easy to upload any picture just to get the sympathy of the members. There is no way of verifying if the picture is authentic or not. Since others know that they will not be part of the community if they post an ugly picture, it is very easy to use pictures of other people, and hence, giving rise to the number of fake accounts. We spent a couple of hours looking at the profile pictures of some members and there are many instances wherein we found pics of some celebrities and even porn stars!

When Beauty Becomes A Profitable Business is clearly a profit-oriented website. While many of the best hookup dating sites we have reviewed before required membership fees, the rates are often reasonable and we are willing to pay them because of the guarantee of being able to find someone for casual sex. In the case of, it seems like the creators have been blinded by the profit motive. As straight men, we are attracted by the pictures posted on the website and we paid for the membership. In the end, however, we did not get the worth of our money. From our group, while we have sent tons of messages to hot women, we found on the site, none of us got a reply and hence, no one was able to hook up with anyone.

Save Time And Money By Not Choosing

Clearly, our recommendation is to refrain from using As much as possible, check out other options for the best hookup dating sites. Choose to be a member on sites that promote better inclusivity and openness towards accepting members. Make sure you will not end up being robbed of your hard-earned money.

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